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Welcome to, the home page for H V Wooding’s innovative and revolutionary new product…. The PUK.

Recently featured on Dragon's Den, the PUK is an ergonomic omni-directional wrist rest, designed to reduce the risk of RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The PUK can be produced in just about any colour imaginable, and be fully branded with your company logo, or corporate message.

Through this site you can purchase a single PUK, or thousands of them.

H V Wooding have already received orders from all over the world, and received enquiries from some of the biggest Blue Chip companies on the planet.

Due to the overwhelming demand, we are now looking for sales agents, who could focus on selling into the retail sector. We would be particularly interested in hearing from agents in the United States and Europe, as we strive to get a PUK on every desk in the world!

Through your help, and our product, RSI could soon become history!

- The PUK Team